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Harbinger Treated Mat

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The convenient and versatile Harbinger Fitness Ribbed Durafoam Mat is a great way to keep up with your exercises while youâ€re on the go. Non-skid ridges prevent the mat from slipping. An integrated strap makes it easy to carry, so you have no problems doing your yoga, pilates, stretching or floor exercises wherever it is most convenient.

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Customer Reviews

Thick enough for "old" bones

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 on November 10, 2006
By D. Roberts
I am a 55 year young woman who was encouraged by my personal trainer to take Pilates to strengthen my core and improve my balance. The mats provided at the gym were meant for Yoga, and while they kept me from slipping on the floor, doing any sort of exercise where we were required to lie on our sides just killed my hip joints. This thicker mat was a lifesaver. It was thick enough to cushion my hip joints as well as enable me to exercise barefooted, something I had great difficult doing due to massive amounts of foot surgery (don't you just love high heels?). I had read a review that the mat could only be rolled one direction because of the built in straps, thus creating a permanent curl. This was easily remedied by flipping the mat over when using it, and I had no problem with the mat slipping when being used on the opposite side. For me, it accomplished exactly what I wanted it to do - protected my bones while I got the exercise I needed.

Wonderful mat, wished it came in more colors.

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 on February 25, 2006
By David Chang
This mat provides excellent padding and traction for the exercises I do which include situps and kneeing on my basement concrete floor. It is also easy to clean and stow away. At 5/8", it is one of the thickest mats not for gymnastics or martial arts that I could find. Highly recommended.

mat does NOT stretch during yoga, READ WHY

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 on May 29, 2009
By J. Gabriel
I use the mat for yoga 2-3 times a week and for some of my P90x exercises. It is well worth the investment. To keep clean just wipe occassionally w/ water or disinfectant of your choice. For those that need the extra cushioning on their knees and joints this mat works. I read several reviews about the mat stretching during downward dog or other yoga poses. The reason why it stretches is because the durafoam material is not as "sticky" as a thin yoga mat. I discovered placing a thinner 1/8" mat between the floor and this mat eliminates the stretching COMPLETELY(and you get a little more cushioning). The downside is that it it is more challenging but not difficult to hold balance poses(this is to be expected obviously because a softer surface is less stable than a stiffer surface). For the P90x I do the floor exercises on this mat as long as my feet are off the mat because I feel over time my shoes would destroy it. For example, for push-ups I put my hands on the mat while my shoes are directly on the floor. And for crunches, I make sure my feet don't touch the mat. For the cardio and kenpo, I don't use the mat at all. Since the mat is extra thick, it will not completely lay flat on one end when you first unroll it. To minimize this "curling" affect, just remember NOT to roll it tight when you are done using it. Rolling it loosely helps it lay flatter when it's time to unroll it. BTW the black velcro straps are long enough to allow you to roll loosely and still be able to fasten. Lastly, my mat did NOT have a funny smell when I got it. Perhaps I was one of the lucky ones.

Approved by my instructor!

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 on February 24, 2006
By Pippi
I wanted to get a super thick mat for my pilates class. My instructor always recommend the mat that has 5/8 thickness for pilates. Usually you pay around $60 for a 5/8 thick mat, but I found a true bargain here! It's thick which provides nice protection for my back, it's colorful, and it even comes with the straps! I am very happy with it. It's simply perfect!!

Good Value! What smell?

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 on August 22, 2011
By Vermont
I bought 14 of these for my Pilates studio. Before I did I looked long and hard at many different options. Many mats are too thin and this one at 5/8ths provides enough cushion for exercises like Rolling like a ball and Open Leg Rocker. I hesitated to buy this mat due to all the reviews of it having a stench. As I type, I have all 14 of these laying out in my living room 'flattening out' and there is just a very minor scent, which I'm sure will go away. Before I went ahead and purchased all of them I ordered one of the Red Harbingers (non-antimicrobal) and one of these. Really, there is no difference as far as scent goes. My family and I were very confused as to why people wrote reviews saying it was horrible. Doesn't seem any different than any other mat. Other than the color (the red clashed with my studio colors), I prefer these since the Red ones have a velcro strap that is attached to the mat. That means when you roll the red mat out the straps are dangling free, and you can brush up against the spiky velcro if you have that side up - which you might since the mat usually holds it's curl after being rolled up for some time. These blue mats come with a removable carrying strap which consists of two wide elastic bands held together with a black strap. I won't be using the straps but if I were to use this mat as a take along, the strap is nice because you can throw it over your shoulder.

Yoga or Pilates - Great Mat

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 on October 8, 2008
By DoxieLover
I bought this mat for both Yoga and Pilates. I wanted the extra thickness/cushion for floor exercises. I have used the mat for 30-days, and can say I am very pleased with the quality construction and performance of the mat for both types of activities. The closed-cell anti-microbial Durafoam feature is worth the money. The removeble strap is included, making this a good value. There is a slight odor to the mat, but only noticeable when lying face down on the mat. One suggestion for the manufacturer to consider is to use a slightly higher quality fabric for the strap. The strap leaves dents in the mat and, over time, may cause the mat to "chip". Other than that, I would buy again.
Over a month later, still has a toxic smell that's crippling to the senses. It'd be a fine product if one could use it, but if I bring it into a room I could practically incapacitate someone with the noxious fumes. This is totally unacceptable. Do not buy this product.

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